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Master of Engineering vs. Master of Science:

Which Degree is
Right for Me?

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Are you interested in furthering your career in the expansive field of engineering, but need help determining which graduate degree is right for you? Those interested in pursuing a master’s degree in engineering face the choice between two different degree paths: earning a master of engineering or a master of science.
Both degrees equip you with a deeper knowledge base in your area of interest; however, there are distinct differences between the two degrees that cater to different career goals. Take this quiz to help determine whether a master of engineering vs. master of science degree is right for you.

Determine What Type of Engineering Degree You Need

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1. Which style of degree are you interested in more? 

2. Which type of curriculum sounds most appealing? 

3. After completing your degree, you would ideally like to… 

4. Which project would you prefer to complete?

5. In your course of study, you would like to focus on learning…

6. Which type of setting would you prefer to work in?

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