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Reward Your Ambition: A Guide to Achieving a Graduate Engineering Degree 

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About the Graduate Engineering Guide

The engineering field exists as one of the most transformative, curiosity-driven fields today.

Today, we are facing a variety of existing and emerging challenges that engineers are being called to address. In order to do so, engineers must embrace and nurture a spirit of inventiveness, compassion and innovation. 

If you're interested in seeking a meaningful career in this mission-driven field, we invite you to download our resource: Reward Your Ambition — A Guide to Achieving a Graduate Engineering Degree.

In this digital resource, we showcase the major engineering branches and explain how a graduate engineering degree will help set you apart from other engineering candidates when seeking employment.

In addition, we explore the following topics:

Career Pathways for Skilled Engineers:

Career opportunities for creative, driven, forward-thinking engineering professionals are nearly endless. Learn about the multiple types of careers available across engineering disciplines in our guide.

Advancements Fueled by Engineers:

The influences of engineering are far-reaching, from the transportation systems we use to the pharmaceuticals we consume. Read more about several advancements accelerated by engineers.

Vanderbilt Need-to-Know Facts:

From information about research opportunities and internships to expert faculty and the Nashville community, find out why you should consider pursuing a master of engineering degree at the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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