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A Guide to Getting an Engineering Degree in Surgery and Intervention 

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About the Engineering Degree in Surgery & Intervention Guide

In order to bring innovative engineering breakthroughs into the clinical arena, technical teams and clinical teams need to foster an environment characterized by a constant exchange of ideas and solutions.

To that end, the field needs engineering experts who can bring technology from the bench to the bedside.

At Vanderbilt University, we believe that the fundamental barriers associated with clinical translation can be reduced with the training of engineers intimately familiar with medical procedures and trained in the inception of novel technology-based platforms. 

That's why we're launching a new program, a master of engineering in surgery and intervention. You can read all about it in our program guide: What is Innovation in Procedural Medicine? Getting an Engineering Degree in Surgery and Intervention.

In this digital resource, we discuss how the program prepares engineers to transform patient surgical care. In addition, we explore the following topics:

A Look at the Market Demand:

The market demand for engineers with training in the area of surgery and intervention is growing. Learn about the job roles available for these types of engineers in our guide.

What is Engineering for Surgery and Intervention?

Find out more about this niche field in our guide, and why there's a critical need to equip engineers to improve translation of technology.

Program Director Q&A:

Program director, Dr. Michael Miga, talks about the intersection of healthcare and engineering, experiential learning opportunities available to students, and more, in a detailed Q&A.

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